Monday, 30 April 2012


After breakfast in the village we drove back through Jaisalmer and onwards to Jodhpur. Owing to an incredibly oppressive 45 degree heat that even the air conditioning could not seriously contend with, we spent most of the journey asleep in the car with multi-coloured scarves wrapped unskillfully around our pink faces. We did stop for a lassi on route (a mixture of yoghurt, ice cream, fruit, nuts and sugar), which was nice; "no ice please!"

When we arrived into Jodhpur we went straight to see the fort which was beautiful. We walked up to the top, stopping to pose for pictures with the many people that asked. At the top the view over 'the blue city' was suitably impressive:

Down in the city (not the cleanest to be found in Rajasthan) we walked from our hotel to the local bizar and did some shopping-spending most of our time sat drinking masala tea with some young boys who wanted to both practice their English and sell us their goods (we bought tea and handbags).

We had dinner on the rooftop of our hotel, had a beer and then went to take full advantage of our beautiful air conditioned room. 9 hours sleep here I come!

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