Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Another 5 hours on Indian roads and we had not only made our way to Jaisalmer but we had made a new friend in the form of Gabby-an Argentinian travelling alone with a driver, with an almost identical itinerary to our own.

In Jaisalmer
"the golden city" "famous for silver", we went with Gabby to see a silver smith, walked through the streets, went to the night market to purchase some desert-safari-friendly attire, and then went for our first dinner alone. How can 'not spicy' mean such wildly different things to people is my only muse about that.

A very merry Mohan Singh said good night to us when we reached our hotel (I think he had devoured a good half bottle of whisky while we were out), and so endeth the day.

We took a stroll up to the fort in Jaisalmer in the morning, and did some shopping in the lanes.

Relaxed in the hotel pool for a few hours in the afternoon, then went for lunch in a local resteraunt named Milano.

At around 4 o clock we drove an hour out of Jaisalmer and into the desert, where Abby and I each took our own camel and rode for about an hour out into the dunes to watch the sunset.

We rode the camels back to the village and then had a traditional dinner (though made more western friendly by decreasing the spice content), and watched some entertainment (a local band and a fire eater).

Then it was all aboard a camel cart back out into the dunes where we set up beds with some other tourists (4 french girls, Gabby, Abby and I) and sat drinking and talking under the light of the full moon. The temperature dropped a suprising amount in the night-enough to warrant a thick blanket, and a jumper. We woke up at around 6am which gave us just enough time to all hobble to the top of a dune, and sit wrapped in blankets watching the sun rise, with the setting moon behind us-pretty amazing.

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