Sunday, 29 April 2012


From Jodhpur we travelled to Udaipur-described as the romantic 'Lake city'. Our hotel came complete with a view over the lake from our room, and a roof top terrace perfect for sipping beers and taking in the view.

Though the city is small and safe to walk around in, the ensuing hassle from almost everyone either for money, pictures or both is beginning to grate a little at this point. I think as Udaipur would be a lovely spot just to sit by the lake and chill out if it were at all possible to even get a buttock cheek on a bench before being mobbed it adds to the frustration of being two white, young, female tourists in India.

But moaning aside, we went to the palace complex (after much confrontation at the ticket booth over what was, in retrospect, about $4 but we were convinced we could bargain our way to a more 'Indian' price) and took in the museum and views over the city.

We were reunited with Gabby, and this time we also met another Spanish couple, and an Argentinian brother and sister ('this is my sister' being the fastest line anyone has ever said lol). We went to a local show made up of a variety of traditional Rajasthani dances, which was actually really impressive and enjoyable, and followed this with dinner on another of Udaipurs many impressive roof tops.

Also worth a mention was Abby's Henna, which we went up into a local house for. Interesting to have a little nosey-it was very clean and tidy inside.

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